Giveaway time


So, I just reached 100 followers! Never though that would happen, so I think it’s time for something nice. I don’t think this merits a full giveaway, but I still wrangled a couple freebies in honor of Pokemon Black 2/White 2 for ya’ll!

The Prizes:

  • a plush Pikachu keychain
  • an Emboar finger puppet (with candy!)
  • Meloetta charms (Aria and Pirouette)
  • Zorua toy from McDonald’s (with a Maractus card!)
  • Digital drawing of you and your Pokemon team!

Da Rulez

  • Non-followers can enter twice - two reblogs tops. Followers can reblog/like as many times as they want (WITHIN REASON).
  • There will be two winners, both chosen at random.
  • 1st place wins the Pikachu keychain, the Emboar finger puppet, the Zorua toy, artwork of their Pokemon team, and the choice between the Aria or Pirouette Meloetta charm.
  • 2nd place wins the remaining Meloetta charm and artwork of their Pokemon team
  • Winners will be contacted via askbox and have 48 hours to respond before I pick new winners (I’ll send a second ask after five hours of no response, because Tumblr loves eating my asks).
  • If you live outside of the US, I may not be able to afford shipping. Sorry, international people!

End date is November 9th!